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Specializing in Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution & Security Systems

Simique Corp at a Glance

Simique Corp (Canada) is a global solution provider for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). We specialize and provide the most innovative security solutions and electronic alarm systems.

With many years’ experience in various projects in different sectors, Simique Corp specializes in designing and delivering end-to-end solutions for the home security, government facilities, airports, border, oil & gas, and critical infrastructure sectors, etc.

Having the strong R&D and project teams with specialized expertise, they enable us to produce a unique product line that can minimize maintenance but providing high level of security with reliability that allows full protection and security for our customers. Our product design allows us to integrate with the 3rd party security system easily.

Simique Corp has an international partner network that supplies our products around the world with quality and efficiency.

Why Simique Corp:

  • Seamless integration with most well-known security management systems

  • Flexibility working with regional partners to achieve win-win result

  • Focus on product innovation, R&D and enhancement to fulfill customers’ needs

  • Strong technical support team to back up regional partners project deployment

  • Sufficient material for production to meet any short lead time requirements


  • Private Home

  • Government Facilities

  • Airports

  • Railways

  • Border

  • Utilities

  • Oil & Gas



Taut Wire Fencing.png
Pressure Sensor on the wall.png
Ultra Wave Plus.png

An outdoor security system that uses wires tightened to the innovative posts with special sensors installed. When there is a stretch or attempt to cut one of the wires, the system sends an alert to the integrated security management system or simply to an electric buzzer.

This technology is proven reliable and close to 100% accuracy but simple installation and minimal maintenance, widely deployment from short range as residential wall top to long range as border for outdoor perimeter protection.

An ideal perimeter intrusion detection system that detects any attempt to cut, climb, or break through the fence. The sensing cables are installed along the fence that collect any vibration over the preset threshold causing alarm. Various fence types are supported such as chain-link, standard welded mesh, expanded metal mesh and palisade fences, etc.

The installation & configuration are simple. It can be easily integrated with 3rd party security management system or  local alarm system.

The system detects pre-defined weight to trigger alert to the integrated security management system. We work with home designers, building architects, or A&E specialists to achieve invisible perimeter protection to secure the premises. 

The system is widely applied to wall top, house top and under the floor/stair-step, etc. It can highly reduce the intrusion risk and wealth loss. Ideal locations are VIP house, museum, and safe box, etc.

The system makes use of technology on fiber optic sensing that distributes such cables inside the soft covers, such as carpet or rubber pad.  When someone step in, the attenuation of the optical fiber increases and the received optical power decreases, it triggers the alarm signal. 


The system can be widely applied to any indoor area, such as restricted area, no entrance door, and willowsill, etc.

Ultra Wave Plus

A portable PIDS, ideal for areas requiring temperary detection of intruders 

  • Mobility, packed in Aviation Safety Box for traveling

  • Quick deploy & remove, plug & play, all-in-one

  • Built-In Power Supply supports ≥ 30 hours with option to increase

  • Alarm signals can transmit to local or remote control center   


Simique Corp provides a list of signal shielding solution for high security meeting, or prevent any eavesdropping

Available solutions:

  • Shielding bag for mobile

  • Shielding box for mobiles

  • Shielding devices for up to 150 sq. meters

  • Handheld shielding devices for up to 16 meters diameter

  • Recording interference devices for up to 4 meters



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