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Specializing in Voice-Directed Solution for Distribution Centre, Warehouse and 3PL.

Simique at a Glance

Simique’s Voice-Directed Solution is your trusted global partner solution. We offer cost effective and efficient solution from day one. Regardless the business or project size, our flexible, agile and innovative solutions can help you to achieve your strategic goals.

After years of experience in optimization of supply chain implementation, we enhance our solution – Voice Picking System (VPS) to fulfill distribution centre and warehouse daily requirements, such as order selection, route optimization, replenishment, put-away, cycle count and performance analysis, etc.

Why Simique

  • Mainly focus on Voice Picking System

  • Robust integration with WMS, ERP or Data System

  • Continuous add-on functions & features by own R&D teams

  • Cost effective, reasonable price, quick ROI

  • Short training time

  • Up to 7x24 hotline support

Active around the world - globally connected.

Our goal is to extend our partner network to each part of the world in order to provide the first-class solution and support to our customers effectively. Meanwhile, we continue to develop the innovative voice solution to assist our customers to improve the productivity so that they stay at the forefront of competition.



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Voice Picking System (VPS) has been highly accepted comparing to 10 over years ago. Today, VPS is increasingly used in distribution centre, warehouse, or 3PL to streamline their operations, including receiving, put away, replenishment, cycle count, and order selection, etc. VPS can easily integrate with other automation equipment, such as RF Terminal or Label Printer.

Implementing VPS is easy. Within short training time, associates can effectively do the picking or assigned tasks in the warehouse. It can benefit to customers that always increase temporary man power during peak season or ad hoc urgent orders.

Simique VPS easily integrates with WMS, ERP or any data system. Our R&D team works closely with our partners provide functions & features enhancement when it is needed.   

Simique BHS3 Bluetooth Headset increases the associate safety, productivity, and comfort while providing best capabilities through the industry’s advanced voice recognition technology. SCH3 was tested in tough environment and extreme temperature. With standard, special sizing, and hard hat options, SCH3 empowers the associate to do the work in comfort and safe to achieve their best performance.

Simique also provides WHS2 Wired Headset to cater customers and associates preference.

Simique Mobile Device (SMD) standardizes human-machine interfaces through natural voice communication. Standardization minimizes safety risks caused by distraction when operating the device and provides a safe and ergonomic work environment.

SMD provides the flexibility to work with associates with different accents and dialects. Adaptive deep learning optimizes recognition rate over time. Apart from voice input, SMD supports barcode scanning, RFID reading, Mobile Direct Recognition (MDR), keyboard or touch screen. In addition, SMD is also compatible with a variety of external devices, such as Bluetooth ring scanners, RFID readers, fixed printers, mobile printers, Bluetooth weighing scales, dimension scanners, etc. SMD has been tuned and optimized to provide an expected response time of 50 milliseconds or less for voice input.

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Simique VPS consists of a collection of software. The components, data exchange, device management, artificial intelligence and business processes, successfully integrating people, workflow, technology and data into its ecosystem. This solution sets the foundation for the agility of an operation.

VPS covers multiple modules. Within an operation, the tasks normally include picking, receiving, put-away, replenishment, cycle-counting, just to name a few. The system provides the package of individual task modules covering a wide range of activities within the distribution centre. The simple and easy to manoeuvre interface allows an administrator without any technical background to complete the settings easily. Also, the implementation permits full control and management of all the workflows leading to better visibility.

Some of the Modules are:

  • Order Selection Module

  • Route Optimization Module

  • Performance Assessment Module

  • Kanban System Module



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